July newsletter of My Lovely Beads

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I'm very glad to tell you that I'm featured partner, in july newsletter of My Lovely Beads.

You may read a complete
article about my beading passion and technique, and you may see my jewels in a gallery, and you 'd see my face too !

Thank you Zoya for featuring me in your newsletter, it's really a great pleasure to share our beading passion with a lot of people.

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Zoya Gutina 10/08/2008 02:12

Dear Valerie, it goes without saying, that it was the honor for me to feature you! Well deserved! :)

ixela 30/07/2008 12:55

Congrats on the feature Valerie... your bead work is really great... so colorful and sparkling!
Thank you for your visit at my blog an for your kind words!!!
Alessandra (or Ale... my short name!)