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As I joined the some foreign english speaking community forums, I just want to say to people coming here from these communities, in order to be understood by international beaders I put a logo that you may find english language under. There are some logos in articles until I insert a translator. Those articles are in 'world wide beaders' category.

If you want I'll translate Free projects in English is possible, just 'add a comment' by clicking on
'ajouter un commentaire' in this article to ask it or just to talk and share your opinion. It will be great reading you.

Free projects are under the title 'Faire des Luzioles' = Doing or Beading some Luzioles
'Luziole(s)' is the name I use to the jewels from my own design and my own patterns.

I add some direct links to blogs of world wide and french beaders under section title 'Quel Talent !' = What a talent !

Thanks for visiting, I hope you'll enjoy my design and patterns and you'll have a good time here.

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Lolita Pfeffer 05/02/2009 02:23

I enjoyed looking at your work - i would lvoe to get a copy of your free patterns in english

luz 05/02/2009 09:59

Thank you for your comment . It's nice to know you love my work, thank you. One day maybe I'll translate these patterns ...

Jennifer 05/09/2008 18:19

Is it possible to get any project instructions in English? Thanks! Love your work.

Carole-perles/khahina 22/03/2008 17:35

Et bien moi je te fais un petit coucou en Francais de Tunisie

Et je vais de ce pas te rajouter dans les liens sur mon blog .

luz 22/03/2008 18:43

Chouette un lien tout ensoleillé qui me réchauffe le coeur et le week-end de Pâques de 3 jours pluvieux et froid dans mon midi toulousain.
A pluz, j'espère que tu as avancé dans ton perlage, moi cette semaine s'annonce chargée et je pense ne pas avoir trop de temps pour le blog ...
On verra bien !


Billie 18/03/2008 09:20

I think your work is beautiful. One day, maybe I will stop playing with glass for a while and try to learn how you make your wonderful creations. It is a shame we are in different areas of France making it difficult for me to show you how to make glass beads and for you to show me how you to work design with different beads. Maybe one day we will meet!

luz 18/03/2008 10:00

Hi Billie,

I hope we will met too, I really enjoy to see how you work. You know France is a small country, so the distance are not so far, but we need time may be in summertime it could be great.
Where are you living ?
In east France, Lorraine isn't it ? I'm in south west of France, in Toulouse exactly.
You're welcome when you want, we just need to organize it a little and it's OK.
Friendly  wishes.


Zoya 16/03/2008 03:09

Great blog, beatiful jewelry! Thanks! :)

luz 16/03/2008 13:24

Hi Zoya,

I'm so honored by your visit here, and It's really nice reading you.
I'm fond of your great awesome and wonderful beadworks,it's just stunning. 
I put a direct link to your website to share with people your wonders.
Thanks for visiting my blog and writing a comment, it's always a great pleasure to read people from other culture.