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As I join the BNB community forum, I just want to say to people coming here from this community, in order to be understood by international beaders, may be I should write a new part in my blog completely in english language or  I 'd better write each article in both languages french and english, and I should translate all patterns and tutorials in english too.
Do you prefer I put a translator here.
If you want I translate Free projects in English is possible, just 'add a comment' by clicking on
'ajouter un commentaire'. 
Free projects
are under the title 'Faire des Luzioles' = Doing or Beading some Luzioles
'Luziole(s)' is the name I use to the jewels from my own design and my own patterns.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you'll enjoy my design and patterns and you'll have a good time here.

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decors 27/02/2008 08:28

I am not sure if at the right place, i want to leave a comment... i hope i am at a right place! *lol*

Just would like to say Hi! You have a cool site over here!

luz 27/02/2008 12:32

Hi decors,

Of course you're at the right place, I wish you a great welcome !

Thanks for your comment, your site is so cool too. I wonder if I could put a link from your site on my blog to share with others beaders your design , a so delicate one ?